Introduction: ID-UL-FITR is the greatest festival of the Muslims. On this day, the Muslims make charity and give a fixed amount of money the poor. This is called 'Fitr'. So the name of this festival is ID-UL-FITR.

When it comes: It comes at the end of the month of Rmadan. The holy month of Ramzan is the month of fasting and prayer for the Muslims. They keep fast during the daytime in this month and do good deeds. Then in the evening of the last day of this month they see the new moon. The next day is the first day of Shawwal. On this day the festival is held.

What the Muslims do on this day: On this day there is a great joy among the Muslims. They all rise very early. They go to the ponds and have their baths. Then they dress themselves in their best. They prepare and eat many kinds of sweets. They also give them to the poor. The rich give the poor money and clothes. Then the Muslims go to the 'Maidan'. There they say their prayers together. They forget difference, hatred and enmity and embrace each other. They visit the houses of friends and relatives and pass the day in joy.

Conclusion: ID-UL-FITR has a great lesson for us. It teachers us love for all men and makes us feel a great bond of union among the Muslims.

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