Essay: Health is Wealth

What is health? Sources of all happiness: Health is the sound state of the body. It is said that health is wealth. It is that health is wealth. It is the source of all happiness healthy man can do any work and eat anything he likes. He can sleep soundly at night and enjoy peace of mind. An unhealthy man is very unhappy. He cannot eat and do what he likes. He cannot have sound sleep at night. He can enjoy nothing in life. There is no peace for him in the world. Hence we see that health can give us bliss and the want of it brings only sorrow.

How to preserve health: We must to improve and preserve our health. There are some rules which will help us in this matter. To be healthy we must rise early in the morning and walk in the open air. Physical exercise also must be taken regularly. We must be careful in eating and drinking. We must be neat and clean. Dirty men can never be healthy. Above all we must be God fearing otherwise, we cannot keep our mind clean and pure. There are many temptations before us and it is not possible for us to keep sound health if we cannot rise above them.

Conclusion: Health alone can give us bliss. It is more valuable than the king’s crown and his soft bed. Health alone enable us to enjoy worldly hap[pines. So to live a real life, we must observe the laws of health. A poor labourer with good health is much happier than a king who lost his health.


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