Paragraph: Great Personalities

Sample Paragraph: Hazrat Muhammad (sm)/ Your favourite person/ Intimate friend/ Your mother, Father, Grandmother/ Your poet/ Novelist/ Dramatist/ A great politician/ The teacher you like most/ Your ideal man/ My friend/ The person you can remember/ Your favorite player/ Cricket player/ Influence of great man/ A virtuous man/ Rabindranath Tagore/ Nazrul Islam/ Mother Teresa. 

Follow: (*) is an ideal in my life for his great personality and wonderful activities. His behaviour charms me. Only for this reason he/she is my favorite person. In spite of his separation from this earth, his memory tears me. His activities, his love for humanity, his duty to society and his sincerity attract every body. He was the symbol of truth. He was a brave man. He was patriotism too. His creativity, argument, responsibility and nature gifted also make me his ideal follow. A man like (*). I would like to mention that now a days is very much needed from a family to state. A man like him is essential furor the development and for the establishment of truth in the country. I shall always follow his life for my own development.

N.B: Please write the name of paragraph on (*).

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