Composition: E-mail

Electronic mail, popularly know as ‘e-mail’, is the communication of textual messages via electronic means. Although telex communication is also electronic in nature there are differences between a telex and any e-mail. While telex communication is terminal-to-terminal, electronic mail communication is user-to-user via the computer. In telex, messages destined to a number of users are sent to the same terminal from where it is distributed in a printed from by an operator. On the other hand, e-mail is delivered to individual electronic mail boxes based in computers. In order to operate an e-mail system, we need a personal computer, we need a personal computer, a modem and a telephone.

An important advantage of e-mail is its ability to reduce the consumption of paper in the office. Internal memos and reports can be exchanged electronically without using papers. Being a easily exchanged as e-mail. This facility has the potential of improving office efficiency considerably.

Being a person-to-person communication, e-mail arms out to be a cheaper alternative to telephone conversation and eliminates the time spent in establishing phone calls for a telephone conversation to materialize both the caller and the called must be present simultaneously. Some studies indicate that as much as 70 percent of the business phone calls during business hours do not succeed in the first attempt due to unavailability of the party being called. E-mail permits communication between two parties without the parties actually mail box which can be accessed or opened only by the intended recipient.

E-mail has brought about a revolution in modern communication. Messages can be transmitted from one country to another within seconds. Especially in developing countries like ours, as most people cannot afford to have a personal computer. But is far cheaper than telephone calls. Trade and commerce has become greatly depend on this speedy mode of communication. It has,however, not reached everyone, especially in developing countries like ours, as most people cannot afford to have a personal computer. But even here people have started using commercially operated e-mail facilities for important purposes.

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