Essay: Discipline

Introduction: Man lives in society with others. So he cannot do anything as per his liking in the society. He has to obey the rules and regulations of the society. The rules and regulations of the society which he has to obey are called discipline. 

Results of Discipline: Discipline makes a man a social being and so he can live in society in peace and happiness. This is the great reward of maintaining discipline. Where there is no discipline, there is no mental peace and happiness because there lies disorders. Without discipline a country, a social, a family, an office, an organization can not be developed.

Value of Discipline in nature: The natural functions of the world teach us discipline. All the stars, the planets, the satellites etc, move round their own circle. There is a discipline in sun-rise, sun-set, weather, climate, tide (edd and flow tide), day, night etc.

Value of Discipline in student life: Student life is the training period of his life and school is the training center of discipline. So a student should go to school regularly and obey the rules and regulations of school. He should respect his teachers and obey their orders. An atmosphere of discipline is needed for proper teaching and learning. A student can not proper in life without maintaining discipline.

Value of Discipline in the playground: Discipline is seen in the playground. A player maintain rules and regulation in the playground obeying the orders of the captain and the decision of the referee. Without discipline a team can not show their performance properly. So they have to lose their performance properly. So they have to lose the victory.

Value of Discipline in the family life: Generally all the members of a family obey the orders of the chief of the family. There are some families where some members of the family do not obey the orders of the head. The members of those families do not get mental happiness though they lead a luxurious life.

Value of Discipline in army: army life is a fully disciplined life. There is no scope of breaking the rules and regulations at any moment in the army. The solders have to obey the orders and command of the commander in all situations.

Conclusion: The value of discipline is great. The development of everything depends on discipline. That is why it is the rudder of a ship. So disciple should be maintained in all sectors.

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