Essay about Journey by Bus or Train

Introduction: Every journey is interesting. It keeps a man way from everyday routine bound life. It is also a good pastime. It is also a part of education. A few days ago, I made a journey by bus or train from Khulna to Dhaka. So this journey by (B/T) was full of charms and with me.

Occasion: I had nothing to do after the H.S.C examination. This time my friend requested me to attend his sister’s marriage ceremony at Dhaka. Then I was totally free from my studies and duties. Moreover, I was waiting eagerly for such an opportunity. So I decided not to lose this chance. At last, I with three of my classmates made a journey by (B/T).

Preparation and when from the journey started: On the fixed day we reached (B/T) stand/Station at 7 a.m. We were three in number. We also took some light food. We started our journey Khulna from Dhaka at 7. 00 am.

Description: We reached the (B/T) stand/station at 7a.m. Somehow we managed to our ticket with great difficulty. We got in the bus, after a few minutes the guard blew the whistle on the bus began to move on. It was passengers fully packed up. Many passengers had to travel standing. I looked through the out side. A gentle breeze entered the compartment. We saw the farmers working in fields; cattle were grazing here and there. The (B/T) stopped at a few stands/station. This time was too much charming to give my mind into other fields. All these pleased me.

Destination: In the midst of my reverie the (B/T) reached Dhaka at 5.00 am. We got down from the (B/T) and met my friend. He came to the (B/T) stand/station to receive us. We went to his house and enjoyed rich food.

Conclusion: Journey by (B/T) was a very pleasing experience to us. It gives a golden opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. I enjoyed it so much the memory of the journey will remain ever fresh in my heart. It was the most pleasant journey in my life. We shall never forget it.

N.B: You can replace B/T, with bus or train.

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