Paragraph: All the bad habits

Sample Paragraph: Selfishness/ Telling Lies/ Greed/ Lust/ Anger/ Revenge/ Idleness/ Hostility/ Playing cards/ Needless Gathering/ Making terrorism/ Bad habit/ Ego/ Bad Temper/ Hypocrisy/ Pride/ Envy/ Lechery/ Gluttony/ Corruption/ Wrath/ Anarchy/Frustration.

Follow: (Write here, your paragraph name from above), In the greatest dangerous site of human character. It decays us. Man can not proper in life for this bad habit.

Man should follow the ideal way of life. Man generally runs after this habit without understanding the negative site this dangerous habit.

Man is sure to prosper in life, if he does not run after it. So we should try our best to avoid it from our ideal way of lives. For this we need to keep companies with them who are ideal. So everyone should try to go against it for the betterment of this humanity, society and country.

Man should bear in mind that man is the supreme creation of God. Man should perform the work which is accepted by all.

So every man should remain far way from this bad habit for the survival of his own existence.

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