Air Pollution

The world "Pollution" means "perversion". So "air pollution" means "perversion of air".

Air Pollution is acute in the big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet etc. In a world, the cities and towns are responsible for air pollution.

Mills and factories belch a lot of smoke for the burning of coal, petrol, diesel oil etc. The world is producing millions of tons of toxic industrial waste every year, but it is becoming very difficult to find suitable locations to get rid of all the refuse. The disposal of various of waste is seriously polluting the environment.

Bus, truck, car etc. Vehicles use petrol and diesel oil and produce smoke which pollute the air.

Man makes fires to cook food, make bricks, melt tar for road construction and to do many other things. These fires create smoke and pollute the air. Railway engines and powerhouses create smoke by burning of rubbish, dumped or untreated human waste, over pollution, the smoking of cigarettes, dust etc.

Pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases are caused by air pollution.

To reduce air pollution, we have to shift the mils and factories from the residential area, have to ban the excessive smoke producing vehicles, have to use lead free petrol and diseal, have to dispose the toxic industrial waste in the suitable place etc. Though the awareness of people, proper implement of laws and proper steps of government, the air pollution can be prevented.

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