Imagine that your younger bother is unpunctual and he makes late almost in every work. Now, write a letter to your younger brother advising him to be punctual.

My dear A,

At first take my sincere love. I am glad to know that you are keeping sound mind in a sound body by the grace of Almighty Allah. It is a long time that I do not get any letter from you. From a friend of you I have come to know that you are not punctual and make late almost in every work.

Dear brother, we have come of a poor but respectable family. We have to work hard so that we may succeed in life. You are a very brilliant student. So we hope a brilliant results from you. I hope you will obtain GPA-5 in the J.S.C Examination if you do not neglect your studies. I advise you to remember your future, our family condition and the reputation of a good student.

No more today, I am so so. Please convey my best regards to parents and ask them to pray my future success and love to the younger. I am waiting for your good reply.

With best love you,
Your loving brother.

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