Adjective: The parts of speech that modifies a noun or a pronoun in a sentence is called the Adjective.
Or, An adjective is a word used for qualifying the meaning of a noun or pronoun.

Two Uses of Adjective:
a) Attributive use: [Adj. + Noun]
For example: She is a good girl. Here, the word 'good' is an adjective and the word 'girl' is a noun.
b) Predicative use: [Noun + ... .. . + Adj.]
For example: Lamiya is intelligent. Here, the word 'Lamiya' is a noun and the word 'girl' is an adjective.

Classes of Adjectives: There are following four (4) kinds of Adjective in English Grammar.
1. Descriptive Adjective or, Adjective of quality: good, beautiful, weak, ugly, bad, horizontal, plain etc.
2. Quantitative Adjective or, Adjective of quantity: much, a little, whole, some, no, none, enough, sufficient, all, half etc.
3. Numeral Adjective or, Adjective of number: three, second, many etc.
4. Pronominal Adjective: this, that, whose, which, such, those, their etc.

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