Write a dialogue between two friends who meet after a long ago.


Mrs. Rana: Hallo, Mrs. Rony. How are you?
Mrs. Rony: Very fine. Thanks and you?

Mrs. Rana: I am also fine. Thank you very much. Where had you been so long?
Mrs. Rony: I had been in Dhaka.

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Mrs. Rana: Why did you go to Dhaka?
Mrs. Rony: For a job.

Mrs. Rana: Don’t you continue your studies?
Mrs. Rony: No, I don’t.

Mrs. Rana: Why have you stopped your studies?
Mrs. Rony: You know about our economic condition. My father is 60 years old. He can not work any more. So, I have to do something for my family.

Mrs. Rana: No more today, see you again. Thank you very much.
Mrs. Rony: You are most welcome.

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