A dialogue between two friends on air pollution.

Naznin: Good morning, Lina.
Lina: Good morning.

Naznin: How are you?
Lina: Very fine, Thanks and you?

Naznin: I am also fine. Thank you very much.
Lina: I want to talk to you about air pollution. Have you any problem?

Naznin: No problem, carry on.
Lina: According to you what is the cause of air pollution?

Naznin: There are many causes of air pollution. Deforestation is one of them.
Lina: Is smoke responsible for air pollution?

Naznin: Yes, it is. Beside this, the chemicals of mills and factories pollute the air.
Lina: How can we prevent air pollution?

Naznin: We should be conscious about environment. We have to plant more trees.
Lina: Oh! This is my bus. I have to go now. Thank you very much.

Naznin: You are most welcome.

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