Write a dialogue between two sisters buying a gift for their mother.


Ruma: Good morning, Sister.
Rina: Good morning.

Ruma: It is Friday. Let us go to new market.
Rina: Why?

Ruma: I have to buy a gift for my mother.
Rina: What gift will we buy for mother?

Ruma: Mother always like sari. So, I shall buy a nice sari.
Rina: You are all right Sari is very favorite to mother.

Ruma: Which colour can we buy for mother?
Rina: Mother always likes golden colour.

Runa: Would you like to buy anything else for mother?
Rina: Yes, I would like to buy a perfume for mother.

Ruma: Which one will you buy for mother?
Rina: I shall buy cobra cent of French.

Ruma: No more today, see you again. Thank you very much.
Rina: You are most welcome.

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