The word eve-teasing is a slang language of sexual harassing Eve-teasing should be punished strictly.means the teasing of the women.

Now a days eve-teasing has become a very familiar word. Our society is suffering from many social evils day by day. eve-teasing is one of them. It is an acute problem for country. It has spread both villages and towns. Mostly the school, college and university girls are the victims of eve-teasing. Some unruly young people are always trying to tease the girls or women.

Sometimes few girls commit suicide for eve-teasing. Parents and respondent teachers are threatened even killed by disturbed groups.

Government has taken some steps against eve-teasing but they are not used properly. So, the government as well as all class of people should come forward to save our girls.

Laws against eve-teasing have to be come true and the culprits should be punished strictly.

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