Paragraph about An Ideal Teacher

A teacher who devotes himelf to the task of teaching his students is called an ideal teacher. An ideal teacher is a very important person in any society or, country.

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He dispels the darkness of ignorance from the minds of his students and en kindles the light of education in them. He helps his students in learning their lessons. Through his teachings he makes them clever and brings about a desirable change in their behaviour by developing their latent potentialities He teaches them to follow the path of truth and avoid the path of vice.

An ideal teacher applies all his abilities and intelligence to build up the character of his students and to make them good and useful citizens of the country. He is in fact, a friend, philosopher and guide to the students.

Moreover, he is thoroughly a sincere and an honest man. That is why he is considered one of the most important persons of the society and of the nation. He is also regarded as a guardian of civilization.

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