Will Get Used to Doing

Rule-01: Subject + will + get used to + (verb+ing) + extension.
  • Robin'll get used to sleeping in a noisy room very soon.
  • I'll get used to staying in New York within three months.
  • Lina'll get used to swimming in the river.
  • He'll get used to doing hard work.
  • You'll get used to sleeping in the morning.
  • They'll get used to working eight hours in a day.

N.B: For future habits, we can use 'Will be accustomed to' Or, 'Will be habituated to' instead of 'Will get used to'.
  • Robin'll be accustomed to living with Salim very soon. Or, Robin'll be habituated to living with Salim very soon.
  • You'll be accustomed to gossiping with girls. Or, You'll be habituated to gossiping with girls.
  • She'll be accustomed to studying keeping up late. Or, She'll be habituated to studying keeping up late.
  • They'll be accustomed to sleeping  in a journey very soon. Or, They'll be habituated to sleeping in a journey very soon.

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