Higher School Certificate (HSSC) Exam
English 2nd paper (For All Board)

  1. Idioms and Phrases:
  2. Synonyms & Antonyms:
  3. Transformation of sentences:
  4. Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Word:
  5. Completing Sentence:
  6. Sentence Changing:
  7. Right form of Verb:
  8. Narration/ Speech:

N.B: We will add more English Grammar for HSC Exam soon and this page will be updated regularly. You can also visit: English Grammar for SSC Exam

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  1. actually english is spoken throughout the world because it is one of the most important languages and alot of countries make thier students learn it. i dont know why english is that hard to learn(probably because there are a lot of different meanings for one word) but as a native english speaker it seems easy.

    IELTS for Australian Immigration

  2. speaking is important as writing. But for a non native speaker, if you'll stick yourself on the rule to communicate with native speaker, you'll find in disappointing and frustrating.

    TOEFL and IELTS Tips