Obedience to Parents

Parents are the source of our life on earth. It is they who have brought us in the world. They have brought us up in our childhood. Without their loving care our existence on earth would be impossible. So we have duties to our parents.

Duties to our parents are many. Of them the first duty is to be obedient to them. Islam says, “To please the parents are to please God”. Moses taught, “Honour thy father and thy mother so that thy days may be long.” The Hindu scriptures say, “Mother and motherland are superior to heaven” To obey our parents is therefore, our religious duty.

We could not live without the love and care of our parents. This love and care of our parents. This love and care can never be repaid by good conduct. It is also oud bounden duty to act according to their direction and advice. We should always look at to the happiness and comfort of our parents. We should not do anything that may wound their feelings or destroy the peace of their minds. When they grow old, we should look after them with tenderness and care. Above all, we should have the greatest respect for them in all matters.

We should always remember that disobedience to parents is a crime. It leads to misery and disgrace. Children who are disobedient to their parents can never be happy in life. They bring only utter ruin upon themselves. So we should always be obedient to our parents.

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