Write a dialogue between two friends about the use of internet in computer. 


Bina: Good morning, friend.
Tina: Good morning.

Bina: I have not seen you for a long time. How are you friend?
Tina: Very fine. Thanks and you?

Bina: I am also fine. Thank you very much. I want to talk to you about the use of internet. Have you any problem?
Tina: No problem, carry on.

Bina: What do you know about the use of internet?
Tina: Internet can be used in many spheres of life.

Bina: Do you use internet?
Tina: Yes, I do.

Bina: Why do you use it?
Tina: For entertainment. I enjoy Hindi songs with the help of internet everyday. By it has some educative value.

Bina: How does it work in the field of education?
Tina: With the help of Internet we can get foreign education. Setting in the. Thank you very much. I want to talk to you about the use of internet. Have you any problem?

Bina: No problem, carry on.
Tina: You have completed graduation. Now what do you want to do?

Bina: Now I am quite free. So, I want to go to village.
Tina: Why do you want to go there?

Bina: Most of our people of my village are illiterate. I want to make them educated. So, I want to go to village after graduation. What will you do?
Tina: I shall learn computer.

Bina: From where will you learn computer?
Tina: I shall learn computer from Bangla Academy. Thank you.

Bina: You are most welcome.

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  1. The dialogue which has been written about the use of internet in computer is really educative.Every new internet user will be benefited by reading it.Thanks.